Explore the Waterways Around Naples and Marco Island by Jet Ski

Most visitors to Naples are excited to explore the town and beach, but you only really know the area when you have seen it from the water. Pure Naples offers an exhilarating way to explore the tangled mangroves and secluded islands with a jet ski rental.

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Feel the warm breeze as you ride. Watch huge pelicans diving beak first into the waves, surfacing for a moment then throwing back their head to gulp down their fishy catch. You may even see dolphins jumping and playing in your wake!

Private Jet Ski Rentals in Naples, FL

Those who prefer to make their own adventure on the waves can book a private jet ski and explore the local area at their own pace. All safety equipment including life jackets is provided with your rental.

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After a brief instruction for first-time users, you can take off and enjoy riding the waves or exploring the backwaters around Naples independently. There are plenty of places to head for once you tire of open Gulf running. Southwest Florida is world famous for its shelling beaches. Ride out to nearby Keewaydin Island, and you can quickly fill a bag with some sizeable and unusual seashells as a souvenir of your jet skiing trip.

Other common finds around the Naples coastline include sand dollars washed up on the shore along with colorful starfish and spiky sea urchins. The rule of shelling is never to touch or remove anything that may still be living, so check each sea shell carefully before putting it onto your bag. Horseshoe crabs are another unusual resident of these warm shallow waters, and you may find their hard empty shells washed up on the sandy beaches.

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Photo courtesy Pure Naples

Find your own private sandy beach for swimming or simply relax and enjoy the ride on these powerful machines.

With so much to see and do from a jet ski, we know you’ll love every minute!

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