Embracing the Circus Magic: The Circus Arts Conservatory in Sarasota

Located in the heart of Sarasota, Florida, The Circus Arts Conservatory beckons with a classic nostalgic circus allure, offering year-round enchantment through its acclaimed Circus Sarasota performances. The Conservatory stands as a testament to Sarasota’s circus heritage, weaving together performance, education, and community outreach in a vibrant tapestry of tradition and innovation.

A Spectacle for All Ages: Year-Round Circus Fun

One of the crown jewels of The Circus Arts Conservatory is Circus Sarasota, offering year-round professional performances under the Ulla Searing Big Top – a European-style one-ring wonder. The awe-inspiring shows have gained global acclaim, showcasing the artistry and entertainment that define Sarasota’s unique circus legacy. These performances are geared toward people of all ages — children and adults alike will be awed, making it the perfect family outing anytime during the year.

Photo courtesy The Circus Arts Conservatory
Photo courtesy The Circus Arts Conservatory

Annual Circus Performances

Annual circus events include Cirque des Voix, a spellbinding collaboration where The Circus Arts Conservatory joins forces with Key Chorale to deliver a truly extraordinary performance. This captivating show brings together the harmonious voices of over 100 members of the Key Chorale, the musical brilliance of the 40-piece Cirque Orchestra, and the mesmerizing talents of professional circus artists.

In 2024 Sailor Circus Academy proudly marks its 75th anniversary, evolving from its humble origins as a Sarasota High School gymnastics program into the world’s longest-running youth circus and a premier circus arts training program.

Additionally, the Summer Circus Spectacular, hosted at the Ringling Museum, promises a delightful circus experience, combining the charm of the circus with the cultural richness of this iconic venue.

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Photo courtesy The Circus Arts Conservatory
Photo courtesy The Circus Arts Conservatory

More Than a Show: Education and Outreach

Beyond the spotlight, The Circus Arts Conservatory is on a mission – a mission that encompasses performance, training, outreach, and the preservation of Sarasota’s circus legacy. They engage and educate students with innovative learning programs, improve the quality of life for individuals in care communities, and advance the extraordinary legacy of the circus.

The Conservatory offers week-long youth circus camps both during spring break and in summer where kids can explore circus disciplines such as triple and single trapeze, globes, silks, hula hoop, low wire, clowning, flying trapeze, juggling, and more! At the end of these camps, they’ll participate in a spectacular costumed showcase for their loved ones.

Photo courtesy The Circus Arts Conservatory
Photo courtesy The Circus Arts Conservatory

Join the Circus Experience

But it’s not just about watching the magic unfold; it’s about living it. The Circus Arts Conservatory offers year-round circus arts classes for all ages and skill levels. From aerial acrobatics to clowning, everyone can experience the joy of circus arts in their air-conditioned Sailor Circus Academy Arena.

In a town where streets, bridges, buildings, and parks pay homage to the circus history, The Circus Arts Conservatorystands as a proud guardian of Sarasota’s extraordinary heritage. So, if you ever find yourself in Sarasota, run away (at least for a few hours) and join the circus – a magical experience that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

In the heart of Sarasota, Florida The Circus Arts Conservatory welcomes you to be a part of the mesmerizing legacy of the circus. Come one, come all, and let the magic unfold!

Photo courtesy The Circus Arts Conservatory

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