Take to the High Seas Aboard Salty Sam’s Pirate Cruise

Avast, me Hearties! If you’re looking for a fun boating experience from Fort Myers Beach that youngsters will talk about for years, Salty Sam’s Pirate Cruise offers a “whale” of a time. The 90-minute cruise aboard a replica pirate ship offers non-stop entertainment for young buccaneers, while parents can relax and take in the scenery around Estero Bay and the Gulf.

Salty Sam’s Authentic Pirate ship

When not looting and pillaging, the 65-foot long Pieces of Eight replica galleon is moored at Salty Sam’s Marina on Main Street, Fort Myers Beach, where your fun cruise begins. This authentic-looking pirate ship certainly attracts plenty of attention from surprised tourists as it sails around the shores and back bay of Fort Myers Beach with its Jolly Roger flag flying high!

Designed by a naval architect-cum-pirate captain known simply as Devious Dave, this wonderful Man-O-War was built to strict US coastguard requirements. Safety is paramount, and the vessel is fully equipped with the necessary life jackets and ship-to-shore radio. Powered by twin engines, each 208 h.p., it is licensed to carry up to 130 “pirate” passengers.

Pieces of Eight Pirate Ship Family Fun activities in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Photo courtesy Pieces of Eight Pirate Ship & Salty Sam’s Marina

Pirate Crew Offer Non-Stop Entertainment

Launched in 2006, the Pieces of Eight pirate ship has been “terrorizing” the coastal waters around Fort Myers Beach ever since, with its enthusiastic crew who are always keen to dress up and join in the spirit of the pirate cruise.

Under the watchful eye of old seadog Captain Jack, the themed cruise is kept shipshape with a motley crew including Blackbeard himself, Pick Pocket Pete, Peg Leg Meg, and their appropriately dressed mates. Of course, they are all armed to the (gold) teeth with swords, pistols, and cutlasses.

Pieces of Eight Pirate Cruise Fort Myers Florida family fun

Photo courtesy Pieces of Eight Pirate Cruise & Salty Sam’s Marina

Young buccaneers soon get into the spirit of pillage and plunder as they scamper across the authentic deck, admire the rigging and spot the lofty crow’s nest. The Pirate Cruise includes face painting, games with prizes, a touch of pirate history, limbo dancing and other pirate games. There is educational story time and drama to teach children a memorable history lesson as part of the fun.

Kids enjoy Pieces of Eight Pirate Cruise Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Photo courtesy Pieces of Eight Pirate Ship & Salty Sam’s Marina

Grog and Grub Aboard the Pieces of Eight

The salon bar is well stocked with pirate grog and grub so you can enjoy some snacks and rum on the poop deck. Of course, no pirate cruise worth its salt would be complete without a few secret maps and a hunt for treasure!

The authentically themed Salty Sam’s Pirate Cruise can be chartered for birthday parties or visitors can join in the fun on one of the scheduled trips. While parents relax in the sunshine and enjoy being out on the calm waters around Fort Myers, kids can participate in the fun without being scared.

Souvenirs in the Ships Store at Salty Sam's Marina Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Photo credit Nita Ettinger

End the trip by plundering the well-stocked Pirate Store. It has plenty of themed treasures including swords, pieces-of-eight and pirate gear which make a great memento of the trip, along with the optional photo taken as you board. Complete this entertaining family cruise with a Love Boat ice cream or a full meal at the nearby Parrot Key Caribbean Grill.

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill waterfront restaurant Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Photo courtesy Parrot Key Caribbean Grill

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