Shopping at Beach Pottery Etc. Fort Myers Beach

By Gillian Birch

There’s something rather special about wandering through a “garden” of handmade pottery urns, vases, planters, tubs, statues and other quality ceramic creations. As you drive to Fort Myers Beach, Florida you’ll see Beach Pottery Etc. on San Carlos Blvd. with fabulous ceramics covering almost the area of a football field! It has a fantastic selection of Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, and local pottery and sculptures, so stop by and check it out. There’s always something new to see.

Shopping at Beach Pottery Etc. Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Garden Pottery & Sculputres, Home Decor, Souvenirs and Ond-of-a-Kind Treasures. Must Do Visitor Guides

Colorful Pottery, Home Accents and Souvenirs

Beach Pottery Etc. has a wide variety of pottery and ceramics from all over the world. However, it also stocks pottery, wood carvings and statues by local craftsmen. Mexican pottery is known for being vibrant and bold. Glazed pots in bold cobalt blue contrast with brightly painted platers with geometric designs in primary colors. 

For something a little different, check out the Vietnamese marble sculptures that feel as smooth and beautiful as they look. Metal sculptures from Thailand add a different dimension and are suitable as indoor or outdoor artworks. 

Photo courtesy Beach Pottery Etc.

Inside the shop you’ll find a wider range of pedestals, detailed statuary and smaller pieces for enhancing your home whatever your color scheme.

If you’re looking for a beach themed home accent or a souvenir of your vacation in Fort Myers Beach, Florida why not take home a handcrafted ceramic turtle to hang on the wall? Even if you have limited luggage you can always squeeze in a painted pottery animal such as a seahorse, manatee, frog, or sea star. Prices start from just a few dollars and you can take home your own handmade artwork!

The gift shop at Beach Pottery Etc. also has paintings, shell décor, orchid pots, novelty home accents, candle holders, and handmade jewelry. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of one-of-a-kind treasures with something for every budget and taste. 

Photo courtesy Beach Pottery Etc.

Artisan Garden Pottery, Ceramics and Yard Sculptures

If you have a garden, placing a few well-chosen planters or sculptures brings instant color and 3D structure, and unlike plants, it never withers away and dies! Consider buying 2 or 3 planters that complement each other in size or color. You can add a single flowering plant to each and enjoy an instant focal point either inside the home, in a courtyard setting, flower bed, or in a xeriscape garden. 

If you prefer more natural garden décor, head to the area of wood sculptures to find the perfect piece. High quality sculptures are carved from beautiful red cedar, Norfolk pine, and cabbage palm. You can also take your pick of magnificent chainsaw wood carvings including painted totem poles. It will be the talking point of your landscaping whenever anyone visits and sees it. 

Wood carved sculpture Beach Pottery Etc. Fort Myers Beach, Florida.
Photo courtesy Beach Pottery Etc.

Supporting Beach Pottery Etc. also provides an income for crafted artisans who hand-throw, carve or paint the beautiful ceramics, keeping these skills alive.

Beach Pottery Etc. is open daily so head down San Carlos Blvd. and stop by–you can’t miss it! 

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Shopping at Beach Pottery Etc. in Fort Myers Beach, Florida | Must Do Visitor Guides
Photos courtesy Beach Pottery Etc.

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