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By Gillian Birch

One of the attractions of Sanibel Island, Florida is the laid-back lifestyle and slower pace of life. Sanibel Carts makes it easy for visitors to rent street legal solar-powered electric carts to get around the island in style. 

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If you’re planning a stay on the island, park your car and get around on a more appropriate means of transport, such as a 6-passenger electric golf cart! It’s a wonderful way to travel, feeling the breeze in your hair as you head for the beaches, local shops, restaurants and attractions that are all part of the Sanibel Island lifestyle. Rent by the day or the week and enjoy every moment exploring Sanibel in a fun, eco-friendly vehicle.

Local Owners at Sanibel Carts

Local owners Jeff Blackman and Laura DeBruce fell in love with Sanibel Island in the 1980s. They eventually bought a home on the island in 2010 and moved there permanently when their son enrolled at the University of Florida. Laura loved using a golf cart to get around the island, even though she is not a golfer. This led to the couple introducing a modern fleet of street-legal golf carts to Sanibel Island as a business, to complement the eco-friendly lifestyle and sense of freedom that the island promotes. 

Exploring Sanibel Via Golf Cart Rental

Sanibel Carts low speed vehicles (LSVs) are permitted to travel on roads where the speed limit is 35mph or less, making them ideal for Sanibel and Captiva Island. These modern carts have a top speed of 25mph and are equipped with an official “B” non-resident parking permit from the City of Sanibel, avoiding the $5 per hour parking fees on beach parking lots on Sanibel.

The golf carts cannot be driven on the beach, bike paths or Sanibel causeway. Other than that, you’re free to drive all around the island, perhaps visiting the Sunday morning Farmer’s Market which takes place from October to May. These neat vehicles have no problem parking either! 

Golf carts are the perfect way to take a leisurely drive on Wildlife Drive in the J.N. Ding Darling Nature Preserve, which incidentally has installed solar power in its Visitor Center. 

Sanibel Carts, the eco-friendly way to get around Sanibel Island, Florida! Must Do Visitor Guides
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Sanibel Carts Fleet of Eco-Friendly Street Legal Golf Carts

Sanibel Carts goes way beyond the usual 2-seater golf cart with a brand new fleet of street legal golf carts that can easily carry all the family (and your beach gear and shopping!). The 4 and 6-seater carts have a customized solar panel on the roof to reduce the carbon footprint. Just park in the sun and let the sunshine top up the battery while you enjoy a pancake breakfast or go shopping. These solar-powered electric carts help keep pollution to a minimum in this natural environment. They boast the latest safety features including seat belts, turn signals, mirrors and street-legal headlights in case you find yourself heading out after sunset.

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Families will love the novelty of getting around in the quiet open-sided cart. It all adds to the sense of fun and freedom on this unspoiled island paradise. Sanibel Golf Carts golf can easily carry four to six passengers, allowing everyone a great view of the local wildlife and scenery as you cruise along. There’s even cargo space on the back for shopping, beach towels, coolers and chairs when you’re heading to the beautiful white-sandy beach. 

Sanibel Carts is open daily and offers excellent customer service and support. They even offer door-to-door delivery. Give them a call and book your next vacation vehicle rental that won’t cost our planet earth!

Photo courtesy Sanibel Carts

Written by: Gillian Birch | Author Website

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