Feel Beautiful at Sarasota’s L.Spa

The award-winning L.Spa in Sarasota is far more than just a place to look pretty and feel good. Along with traditional nail and skincare therapies, expert therapists at this medical day spa also provide non-surgical beauty treatments and medical treatments such as Botox.

Set in an unforgettable space of pastel colored walls, glittering chandeliers, vibrant modern furnishings and a relaxed atmosphere, the L.Spa instantly makes clients feel comfortable and welcome. Along with its sister L.Boutique, the spa has consistently been awarded “Retailer of the Year”, “Best Skin Care”, and “Best Spa” awards by Sarasota Magazine year after year.

MustDo.com | Located in Historic Burns Court near downtown Sarasota, L. Spa offers a wide assortment of pampering body and skin treatments, relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials, luxurious nail services, waxing, and medical skin care for both men and women. L. Spa also offers a variety of relaxing spa packages, semi-permanent makeup, as well as bridal and special occasion makeup; including lash extensions. Voted “Best Spa” and “Best Skin Care” by local Sarasota residents!

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Skin Care Experts at L.Spa

L.Spa credits much of its success to its staff. Spa treatments, massages and beauty therapies are delivered by some of Sarasota’s most dedicated and skilful experts in skin health. Guest services personnel are on hand to welcome clients and spa technicians provide a full menu of treatments for all ages.

As well as facials and masks for deep cleansing the pores, toning and moisturising the skin, L.Spa offers a range of advanced skincare treatments for toning and rejuvenating skin. They appreciate that everyone has unique skin types and different requirements. All their treatments begin with a consultation and thorough skin assessment before recommendations are made about a program of treatments that will best suit your needs.

MustDo.com | Located in Historic Burns Court near downtown Sarasota, L. Spa offers a wide assortment of pampering body and skin treatments, relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials, luxurious nail services, waxing, and medical skin care for both men and women.

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Peeling treatments can improve the look and feel of your skin while dermaplaning provides the ultimate exfoliation and anti-aging treatment for face, neck and décolletage. Medical microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure to refine and resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and countering the effects of the Florida sun.

Those looking for effective treatments for facial lines and wrinkles will find Botox administered by a non-surgical physician delivers noticeable improvements that last for months. Another L.Spa specialty is Voluma XC, an FDA-approved filler that lifts sunken cheeks, taking years off your visage.

L.Spa Services

Massages are a therapeutic way to relax muscles, reduce tension and ease away stress. L.Spa uses a range of natural and organic aromatherapy oils and hot stones to rebalance mind and body. A similar reflexology treatment pampers hands and feet. Add a Citrus Salt Scrub or Sugar Glow Treatment to leave you feeling fresh and full of vitality from top to toe.

For long-lasting beauty, L.Spa helps customers look as beautiful as they feel with semi-permanent lash extensions that are curved to replicate your natural lashes without the need for mascara. Those who want to “wake up with makeup” will find the revolutionary Micro Makeup, expertly administered, will last up to three years. It’s the perfect solution for those with less-than-perfect eyesight or if you do not have a steady hand for applying daily makeup.

MustDo.com | Get your feet sandal and beach ready with L. Spa’s Hot in your Havaianas Pedicure, which includes a pineapple enzyme peel to sooth and soften your feet, and a hot paraffin foot treatment and relaxing leg massage. Or indulge in a luxurious signature Pineapple Paradise Manicure where your hands will be lightly exfoliated and moisturized.

Photo courtesy L.Spa

Manicures and Pedicures

The most popular treatments at L.Spa are manicures and pedicures, all given the extra-special L.Spa twist. Regular treatments from acrylic fills, gel nails and Shellac to a professional french manicure are all available.

The Pineapple Paradise Manicure treats the whole hand with a pineapple sugar scrub as well as nail shaping, polish and a moisturising hot paraffin wax treatment. A similar treatment for feet is the Havaianes Pedicure which includes an enzyme peel, hot paraffin treatment and leg message.

If you want expertly delivered beauty services and treatments that go beyond skin deep, book a visit to the beautiful L.Spa and get the royal treatment from their skillful and dedicated staff.


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