Who Makes the Best Pizza in Sarasota?

By Andrew Fabian

No single food is more universally recognized and loved quite like a pizza. For most, it’s one of the earliest solid foods we love as children, and that love persists into old age even as calorie counting comes to factor into our dietary decision making. But a good pizza can be hard to find, so here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Sarasota, Florida to grab a pie and indulge your inner child.

Who Makes the Best Pizza in Sarasota? A list of some of the best restaurants and pizzerias to get great pizza in Sarasota, Florida. Must Do Visitor Guides | MustDo.com

Valentino Pizzeria Trattoria

A long-time Sarasota staple, Valentino has been producing some of the area’s most popular NY-style pizzas since 2006. Their pies are made with house made marinara and, whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients. They do deliver, though because of their popularity, ordering take-out or dining in are probably your best bet. The North Sarasota location also has a full bar.

Joey D’s Chicago Style Eatery & Pizzeria

Most times, a chain restaurant’s food is good enough but never really wows. Not so at Joey D’s. Their original, thin-crust pizzas are baked to crispy perfection and have the sort of text-book flavor you need when the craving strikes. Beware of the slices, however, which are typically cut into squares instead of slices, making it easy to lose track of just how much delicious pizza you’ve eaten. For a truly decadent pizza experience, try their deep-dish pizza, made almost as thick as a lasagna.


Though NY- and Chicago-style pizzas are most familiar to American diners, the Neapolitan pizza still deserves a place in the pizza pantheon. At Napulé, diners can enjoy a truly authentic Southern Italian pizza experience with their wood-fired personal pizzas. Baked inside an Italian-made wood-burning oven at 900 degrees for 90 seconds, the crusts are fluffy, doughy, and smokey, while Napulé uses house made mozzarella, imported San Marzano tomatoes, and a plethora of fresh vegetables for their toppings. Try their special pizza of the day or “settle” for the Salsiccia e Funghi, which includes their house made sausage.

Solorzano’s Pizzeria

This pizza outfit rose to prominence at breakneck speed after opening their first location in 2004. And when you try the pizza, you’ll understand why. Even with 5 locations, their pizzerias still manage to feel packed and busy, cranking out pie after pie for those dining in as well as those ordering for delivery. This is truly a pizza-lover’s pizza, one that evokes the giddy feeling of elementary-school pizza parties. The crust has some crunch on the bottom and holds its form well on the way to the old mouth hole, perfect for when you order the Supreme, which comes loaded with meatballs, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, green peppers, olives and onions.

Polpo Pizza Co. 

By far the hippest and most delicious food truck in the Sarasota area, Polpo Pizza Co. runs out of their goods frequently. The wood-fired oven is housed in a refurbished, vintage 1951 Ford farm truck, and that level of aesthetic effort makes its way into their pizzas as well. Fresh, creatively-conceived offerings populate their menu of Neapolitan-style pizzas, which often include unique ingredients like goat, octopus, or locally sourced honey. Catch them every Wednesday at the Phillippi Creek Farmer’s Market from 9am-2pm or test your luck and catch them at any one of the local breweries where they occasionally crop up.

Il Panificio 

The word “artisanal” comes to mind when trying to describe the pies at Il Panificio, but only if you’re able to forgo the connotations of pretentiousness. These pies are delicious, with an expertly-crafted, paper-thin, crispy crust that satisfies with a wonderful crunch without carbo-loading the belly. This is also another premium-level pizzeria in which the owners do not skimp on the quality of ingredients. The style is somewhere between NY and Neapolitan, and the prices relative to the quality of the pies mean these pizzas are a great value. Their salads and sandwiches are also top-notch and highly affordable.

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Who Makes the Best Pizza in Sarasota? A list of some of the best restaurants and pizzerias to get great pizza in Sarasota, Florida. Must Do Visitor Guides | MustDo.com

Written by: Andrew Fabian | Author Website

Andrew Fabian covers arts and food for various publications in Sarasota, where he has lived since 2005. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in English - Creative Writing. When he's not running around town to various restaurants and arts institutions, he enjoys a nice woodworking project or an evening on the couch with his wife arguing the merits of a television show or movie.