Upscale Wynn’s Market is a Winner for Gourmet Treats

Naples is well known for its fabulous cuisine, whether you are dining at one of the many outdoor restaurants or popping into gourmet food purveyor, Wynn’s Market. Located on Tamiami Trail on the corner 2nd Ave N., Wynn’s Market is easy to reach and has ample parking in front of the store.

Wynn's specialty market, grocery Naples, Florida

Photo credit Nita Ettinger

History of Wynn’s

The story begins in 1938 when businessman Peter Parley Wynn moved from Lakeland to Naples and bought the Bayview Inn in what is now the City Docks. He and his wife Vida also ran a grocery store and restaurant alongside the inn.

Once the war was over, son Don returned home to Naples, fell in love and married Annie Merle Echols. In 1948 Don opened the original Wynn’s Market, known as Sunshine Super Market, on the corner of 7th Street and Fifth Avenue South. It quickly gained a reputation for providing high quality groceries, fresh produce, meats and baked goods for the 600 local residents and snowbirds in the expanding city.

Wynn's Market fresh produce Naples, Florida

Photo credit Nita Ettinger

The gourmet grocery stores continued to expand all over the city as younger son Tim joined the operation. He still runs the Tamiami Trail store today, and puts Wynn’s success down to offering unique items that cannot be sourced in larger supermarkets, along with great personal service.

Shoppers will find an impressive line of gourmet delicacies and quality food gifts in the store such as jars of preserved fruits, clotted cream (a British favorite!) and many unusual biscuits, spices and hard-to-source ingredients. Other gifts items include Colonial Candles, kitchen gadgets and bespoke gift baskets made to order.

Wynn’s Full Range of Departments and Services

Shoppers cannot help but linger at the displays of the “from scratch” bakery department where wonderful sweet treats and savory items, including European staples, steadily roll out of the ovens. Many of the American specialty items are still baked to the original recipes of Annie Wynn. | Wynn's Market fresh baked goods, bakery Naples, Florida

Photo credit Nita Ettinger

The fine selection of international wines is sourced by Ted Janowitz, an expert sommelier. Wynn’s Market now boasts one of the most distinctive wine departments in southwest Florida, complete with temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Wynn's Market wine department Naples, Florida

Photo credit Nita Ettinger

The store also has a stunning floral department providing everything from potted plants to floral bouquets and it operates a delivery service. To complement the grocery store, Tim Wynn started Wynn’s Catering in 1992 which is another local success story.

Wynn's Market deli, prime meats, cheeses Naples, Florida specialty grocery store

Photo credit Nita Ettinger

With a high percentage of European snowbirds and residents, Wynn’s Deli provides aged cheese from France and Italy, imported salamis, a delectable olive cart, and delicious European patés. Entertaining is easy if you choose a selection of delicious fresh antipasti from the tempting deli counter. For the very best seafood and finest meats, Wynn’s only has one quality–the best. It may cost a little more, but it is certainly worth it. | Wynn's Market fesh seafood department Naples, Florida

Photo credit Nita Ettinger

Wynn’s is built on decades of family experience yet it continues to keep up with 21st-century technology through the store website. However, at the core of Wynn’s Market the fundamentals remain the same – providing the best products and service at a fair price. It continues to a “Wynning” combination – but you must see it for yourself to truly appreciate this unique high-end grocery store.


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