Upscale Dining on Fort Myers Beach at the Art Deco South Beach Grille

Dining in Fort Myers Beach, Florida does not have to mean tasteless prawns and deep-fried-everything. The upscale South Beach Grille at the Santini Marina Plaza on Estero Blvd does away with all preconceptions by offering a chef-driven menu of delicious gourmet delicacies in a refined atmosphere.

Instead of the usual jarring beach themed décor, the South Beach Grille creates a relaxed yet smart atmosphere with its Art Deco inspired surroundings which immediately sets diners at ease as they relax and peruse the menu. | South Beach Grille casual fine dining Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Photo courtesy South Beach Grille

Early Bird Menu at South Beach Grille

Early dining starts at 4:30pm when the restaurant opens its doors. Hungry diners may want to start their culinary journey with a tasty starter such as Danish Barbecue Baby Back Ribs in a not-too-sweet hoisin barbecue sauce, or the Pan Seared Crab Meat with Granny Smith Apple Slaw and Tropical Mango Sauce for a taste of the tropics. Mussels, oysters, scampi, scallops and shrimp all find their way onto the innovative menu, each with their own particular twist or accompaniment. | Pan seared fish topped with lobster South Beach Grille Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Photo courtesy South Beach Grille

For tasty treats while sipping cocktails at the bar, the restaurant offers a selection of sushi as well as light bites such as salads, seafood chowder, burgers and grouper sandwiches.

Regulars recommend the Beef Tenderloin Tips, cooked with shallots, spinach, spicy sauce and roasted red peppers served over perfectly cooked fettuccine. Another popular dish is the Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia, cooked to delicate perfection and complemented with chive lime beurre blanc and wild rice. Entrees include soup de jour or a tasty salad of Artisan Field Greens included in the price for those dining before 5:45pm, making these dishes particularly good value.

As well as offering a wide choice of seafood cooked in chef-prepared sauces, South Beach Grille is also famous for its steaks. Meat lovers can tuck into the Ultimate Sirloin Steak, pierced with garlic and onion straws, with gorgonzola, an Idaho baked potato and finished with a merlot demi-glaze. Surf and turf, King Crab legs, pork tenderloin, salmon and more are all on the menu or you can create your own favorite with the classic add-ons such as peppercorn-Armagnac sauce or Oscar-style fish dishes. | Grilled steak entree South Beach Grille restaurant Fort Myers Beach, FL

Photo courtesy South Beach Grille

Main Menu Dining

After 6pm, choose from the dinner menu that has similar choices to the early dining menu with the addition of Pasta du Jour, Filet Mignon and other classics. Wine is served by the glass or by the bottle, so you can enjoy wine pairings without having to buy full bottles. | Scallops South Beach Grille restaurant Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Photo courtesy South Beach Grille

Daily Chef’s Specials ensure that neither regular diners not the chefs become boringly predictable. Look forward to trying some of their specialty dishes such as Miso Marinated Seabass with bok choy slaw, lime basmati rice and haricots verts or Sautéed Pompano with oven-dried tomatoes deliciously accompanied by a crab risotto and asparagus with a red wine vinaigrette dressing. | South Beach Grille bar and restaurant Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Photo courtesy South Beach Grille

With casual dining at the bar and cozy white clothed tables for more formal dining, the South Beach Grille can accommodate most moods perfectly. No wonder this restaurant has carved a niche as a favorite place to dine for many Fort Myers Beach, Florida locals, visitors and snowbirds!

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