See Sarasota’s Natural Beauty with Island Style Watersports

Sarasota has a beautiful climate for outdoor activities. Locals and visitors will find no better way to discover the area’s natural beauty than from the water.

Sarasota Bay has beautiful sandy beaches and a tangle of protected mangrove forests bordering its coastline. Their root systems not only help prevent coastal erosion, they provide a nursery for fish and marine creatures and a perfect nesting environment for waterbirds. | Island Style Watersports guided kayak tours and rentals Siesta Key, Lido Key and Sarasota, Florida

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The best way to see these incredible natural areas is with a kayaking tour, led by a knowledgeable local guide. Paddling along in a small kayak tour group is a wonderful way to attract the attention of larger wildlife such as playful dolphins and slow-moving manatees.

Who knows what else you might see on your relaxing kayaking trip in these clear warm waters. Fish, turtles, horseshoe crabs and frogs inhabit the salt waters while egrets, herons, ibis, roseate spoonbills and other long-legged birds stalk the edges in search of a tasty tidbit. Look up and you may see nesting ospreys, eagles and even the odd vulture circling above. | Sarasota, Florida Must Do Visitor Guide | Island Style Watersports kayak tours, lessons and rentals.

Photo credit Debi Pittman Wilkey

Island Style Watersports Instructors and Staff

Island Style Watersports has been operating in the Sarasota area for over 20 years. They go above and beyond the usual equipment rentals and run a certified PASA school for instructors in kiteboarding. They also offer windsurfing and paddle boarding instruction and rentals.

Their impressive team of staff includes Colin, a former member of the Hawaiian Tropic Racing Team; Guy, who learnt to windsurf at the age of 7 with Olympic candidate Jayne Finner; Laurel, a Certified US Sailing Coach and Trainer, and Bobbi keeps everything afloat shoreside.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The calm clear waters around Sarasota Bay offer ideal conditions for the newest watersport – Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Riders stand on the surfboard and use a single paddle to propel themselves across the water, Polynesian-style. It’s great fun for all ages to try and provides an excellent upper-body workout. | Sarasota, Florida Must Do Visitor Guide | Island Style Watersports standup paddleboard tours, lessons and rentals.

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Windsurfing with Island Style

Zipping across the waves using just wind power is an exhilarating experience once you have mastered the art. The best way to get into windsurfing is with a private or group lesson from Island Style Watersports. | windsurfing lessons with Island Style Watersports Sarasota, Florida

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The 2-hour Intro to Windsurfing Course with fully qualified instructors covers all the basic maneuvers from launching to standing and sailing safely. What’s more, Island Style offer a unique guarantee – if you don’t finish the lesson standing and sailing you get your money back! After that, you’re sure to want to invest in a few more advanced lessons too.

Kiteboarding in Sarasota

Those who want a real adrenaline kick will love the excitement of kiteboarding. It combines to skills of snowboarding with the need to control the kite above. Once you’ve mastered the art with a few lessons from Island Style, you’ll be jumping those waves like a pro! | Must Do Visitor Guides | Kiteboarding lessons with Island Style Watersports Sarasota, Florida

Photo credit Debi Pittman Wilkey

However you want to get out on the water, Island Style Watersports has the equipment and instruction for you. Head down to the store for a chat and they’ll have you on the water in next to no time!

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