Sanibel’s Island Cow Boasts Udderly Great Food!

Whenever you feel hungry on Sanibel Island, chances are that the Island Cow will be open for business. This popular island eaterie with its colorful cow-themed décor and island-style ambience serves great food from 7.30am to 10.30pm every day of the week.

The Island Cow restaurant kitschy decor Sanibel Island, Florida

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This local restaurant has garnered many loyal patrons over the years, mainly for its friendly staff, great service, good food and funky décor. The Island Cow has plenty of seats indoors or outside on the porch where locals tend to gather and chat over their favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner item. The restaurant also does take-out service, but somehow it’s more fun to sit and absorb the island atmosphere at this popular local landmark.

You’ll be Spoiled for Choice with 300+ menu Items

The menu has gradually evolved to its current offering of over 300 items! Customer suggestions and ideas find their way onto the menu, such as the Francie Mohrey. This unique breakfast was inspired by a janitor who would cut holes in slices of bread using a shot glass, pop in an egg and fry till done. Now you can order it as-you-like-it right here at the Island Cow!

One chef is employed solely to cook muffins all day long just so they can be handed out fresh and warm in baskets as diners wait for their chosen dish to be cooked. The chef cooks thousands and thousands of soft yummy muffins every week. | Must Do Visitor Guides | Island Cow restaurant Sanibel Island, Florida

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Whether you order a simple favorite such as stone crabs or an international delicacy such as sushi, the Island Cow will not disappoint. Customer satisfaction and friendliness is what it has built its reputation on over the years. Prices are competitive and portions are generous, making everyone want to come back again soon.

Even if you eat at the Island Cow every day of your vacation (and we hear people do!) you will not be stuck for choice. The Cowa Bunga Breakfasts have eggs, pancakes, homemade granola and cooked specialties. | The Island Cow restaurant menu features 300+ menu items! Sanibel Island, Florida

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Lunches include sandwiches, BBQ with attitude, basket meals and more good home cooked favorites. For dinner there are steaks and skillets, lobster, pasta dishes and stir-fries. Fish lovers can order crab cakes or a delicious seafood combo which includes fish, shrimp and scallops. There’s always a variety of fresh fish cooked 10 different ways with a choice of 15 different sides Yum!

Child-Friendly Island Cow

Kids just seem to love a visit to the Island Cow. Maybe it’s the colorful decorative items or the chance to order something totally different from the all-encompassing menu. Round the back of the restaurant is a play area for family games while colorful parrots and exotic birds chatter their approval nearby. Even dogs are welcome at this family-friendly eaterie with designated tables for pet-owners in the covered outdoor patio area.

If you really want to fit in, take a look at the Island Cow Moo-wear which offers some great items from T-shirts and hats to cuddly toys. | Must Do Visitor Guides, Island Cow restaurant gift shop Sanibel Island, Florida

Photo credit Nita Ettinger

Just like Sanibel Island, the Island Cow is colorful, charming and laid-back, making it the perfect casual dining choice for visitors and locals alike. Best get “moo-ving” if you want a table!

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