Random Acts of Art Offers an Eclectic Array of Inspirational Gifts

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Naples, Florida is famous for its charming boutiques, galleries and gift shops and a visit to Random Acts of Art shows why. This well-located shop specializes in handcrafted home accents, furniture and one-of-a-kind wall art most made by talented local artists.

Random Acts of Art Crayton's Cove Naples, Florida art galleries

Photo courtesy Random Acts of Art

Artworks and Wind Sculptures at Random Acts of Art

This well-stocked craft gallery at 761 12th Avenue South is a treasure trove of handcrafted gifts and artworks ranging in price from a few dollars to thousands for a sculpture by local artists Mark White or Byron M. Wood. Mark White is well-known for his kinetic wind sculptures which are sure to introduce a talking point to any outdoor space.

No item is too large or too small to find in Random Acts of Art. Their beautifully created Butterfly Bench, for example, is handcrafted from steel and comes in four sizes, from child-size to the largest at 86 inches in width. This see-through butterfly image seat creates beautiful shadows in the garden while providing a delightful focal point and useful garden seat. Peacocks, dolphins, hummingbirds, fish, flowers and trees all provide inspiration for the furniture stocked at Random Acts of Art and are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

Support Local Florida Artists

Smaller items such as hand-painted mirrors or metal wall art featuring boats, pelicans or fish can introduce a sense of Florida to any home. Most of the artisans are local to Naples and the Southwest Florida region, with a few better-known artists represented from elsewhere in the USA. This ensures that each piece is carefully handcrafted for the highest quality and attention to detail.

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Blown glass is a beautiful medium and makes a colorful display in the shop. Vases, decorative plates, and stunning Aurora perfume bottles make timeless gifts, if you can bear to part with them, that is! More down-to-earth gifts include glass cupcakes good enough to eat and decorative hand-blown teardrops to hang in any window as a decorative feature.

Kitchen-themed Gifts at Random Acts of Art

For the kitchen, there is everything from novelty teapots to gorgeous champagne buckets made from hand-blown glass. What could be more suitable to give for a special celebration such as a wedding or new home?

Random Acts of Art Naples, FL

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Kitchen clocks and flatware caddies made from antique silver-plated forks and spoons give these antique items a new lease of life. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the range of decorative serving bowls, trays, salt and pepper shakers and platters that have been dreamed up in the studio of a local potter, metalworker or glassblower.

More personal gifts found at Random Acts of Art include handmade jewelry, made from a range of colored crystals and metals to suit every style and taste. Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings always make an acceptable gift.

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Handmade picture frames also make affordable gifts, especially if you insert a favorite photograph before giving it. Swirling metalwork decorated with glass jewels or more traditional frames show the versatility and talent of local artisans.

Jim Hertz Green Stilts Random Acts of Art Crayton Cove Naples, Florida art gallery

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No doubt many of these ideas will have whetted your appetite to see more of what’s on offer, so head down to Random Acts of Art in Naples and see for yourself what’s in store.

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