Naples, Florida Spring Break Sun Tips

It’s time for Spring Break, and we are already having loads of fun in the Florida sun. Here in Naples, we are averaging temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s.  Rainy season has yet to set in, so we are good to go for sun and fun well into the Summer vacation season.

Are You Ready For Florida Sun and Heat?

There are some things you might want to keep in mind while you are visiting our little slice of paradise this year.

You Are in The Tropics And The Sun is Very Intense

The sun really is stronger than in northern parts of the United States. So proceed accordingly. While you might be likely to remember the sunscreen at the beach and out on the boat, you really need to apply some anytime you’re going to be outdoors. Even when exploring the town on a scooter or shopping along Third Street South; you should remember the sunscreen.

Cover up!

As great as sunscreen is, nothing really does the job as well as blocking the sun completely. If you’re not out on the beach working on your tan, then pull on a shirt and hat. Aside from the cancer risks, a sunburn just sucks all around. A serious burn can make you sick.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Not only do you need to take care of sun exposure, but you need to be aware of the heat as well. Generally speaking, you need to be sure you’re drinking plenty of water. But you need to be extra cautious of the alcohol as well. First of all, the sun and heat will intensify the effects of the alcohol in your system. But more importantly, beer and frozen drinks will cause you to become even more dehydrated. That killer headache that comes with the hangover is because of dehydration.

Keep an Eye on Your Traveling Companions

Parents with children practice this all the time. They keep an eye on their kids and make sure that they are drinking enough water, wearing their sunscreen, and not overdoing it in the heat. But we must do that for all the companions we travel with. Be sure to offer water and sunscreen to everyone, even the adults around you, from time to time. Ask them how they are feeling. Be a good friend. You will have a great time and far fewer mishaps if you are looking out for one another.

There is so much to see and do in Naples, Florida, and we want you to enjoy it all. Hopefully, you will take back lots of pictures and great memories and not a lobster-red sunburn that will be peeling for days after you get home.

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Nita Ettinger is Co-publisher for Siesta Publications Inc. and the Editor in Chief for Must Do Visitor Guides. Must Do Visitor Guides provides Southwest Florida visitor information through printed magazines and the website Must Do magazines are published bi-annually and are available at no cost in Sarasota, Lee, and Collier County Chamber of Commerce, visitor information centers, select Southwest Florida hotels, and wherever free publications can be found.