Get Fresh and Fruity at Oakes Farms Market Naples!

By Gillian Birch

There’s something very satisfying about shopping for produce direct from the producer. Research shows that supermarket salad items, fruit and vegetables can be stored for several weeks before being delivered by refrigerated truck down to southwest Florida.

Supermarket apples are waxed to preserve them for 6 to 12 months and even lettuce (which is best harvested in warm dry weather) is picked and stored for up to 4 weeks. Green tomatoes are picked and stored for up to 6 weeks and carrots may be out of the ground for up to 9 months before you buy them “fresh”. Not so at Oakes Farms Market in Naples. Their concept of Seed to Table connects local growers with their markets so that produce grown in the Naples area can be enjoyed at its best and most nutritious. | Oakes Farms Market in south Naples is a full-service market offering locally grown, organic and all natural products. Fresh fruits & vegetables, seafood, prime meat, cheese, wine and bakery.

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Oakes Farms Market Family History

The Oakes Farms business began over 80 years ago, and it stemmed from an initial family tragedy. A boating accident cost Great Grandpa William Oakes his life, and the state compensation was a new house for the Oakes family at the foot of a newly constructed bridge in St Georges. Young Banny Oakes, then just 11 years old, took responsibility for the family income by selling produce to travelers using the bridge.

In 1976, Frank Oakes relocated the family produce business to Fort Myers, and later to Naples, where his open-air produce markets became well known for their quality. Frank’s son Alfie began his own farm in Immokalee, providing organic produce for the market stall and also for wholesalers in the area. Alfie’s ability to provide fresh produce fast helped him expand his wholesale business further afield, but the market on Davis Blvd was still at the core.

In the early 21st century, Frank opened Food and Thought, an organic produce market, juice bar and health food store which became his passion while Alfie expanded his wholesale produce business through Incredible Fresh. The business continues to grow under Alfie’s management, as you will see when you pay a visit to Oakes Farms Market on Davis Blvd in South Naples. | Locally grown, organic fresh fruits & vegetables at Oakes Farms Market in Naples, Florida.

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Although it has the feel of an old-fashioned country store, in reality the Oakes Farms Produce Market is a busy hub for shoppers who want top quality food at sensible prices. The Market now includes a bakery, wine shop, deli counter, butcher shop, seafood counter and juice bar. | Wine shop at Oakes Farms Market Naples, Florida

Photo credit Jennifer Brinkman | Oakes Farms Market fresh seafood & fish Naples, Florida.

Photo credit Jennifer Brinkman

Along with freshly grown local produce, Naples shoppers can buy ready-made food items such as delicious chicken salad and tasty salsa to accompany the Florida-fresh lettuce, tomatoes and seasonal vegetables. The huge choice and high standards of quality make this store stand out from the rest – and you can taste and smell the freshness! | Oakes Farms Market deli features hot & cold selections Naples, Florida

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All Organic Food & Thought

You can also find the same great produce in the heart of Naples at the Oakes Farm Food & Thought Health Food Store on Tamiami Trail N. This all-natural food store prides itself on selling military organic GMO-free fruit and vegetables grown locally on the Oakes Farms fields. Make time to sit at one of the shady outdoor tables and enjoy a delicious smoothie or fruit juice at the café and juice bar. | Fresh locally grown, organic vegetables and fruits at Oakes Farms Market in Naples, Florida.

Photo credit Jennifer Brinkman

For those who still value fresh, organic, locally grown, all-natural, fair-trade foods, Oakes Farms Market is the only place to shop with confidence. Best of all you will be supporting local growers and putting all-natural foods on the table for yourself and your family.

Written by: Gillian Birch | Author Website

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