Encounter World War II History at The Holocaust Museum in Naples

View meaningful exhibits of over 1,000 donated artifacts, documents, and original photographs from the Holocaust and World War II at the Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center in Naples, Florida USA. Must Do Visitor Guides | MustDo.com

Photo courtesy Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center

An important part of 20th century history is contained in The Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center . Conveniently located in Naples, Florida, the Museum has a fascinating collection of artifacts that tell the stories of families and individuals whose lives were changed forever by the Holocaust and World War II.

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Exhibits at The Holocaust Museum in Naples

The Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center presents visitors a chronological display of over 1,000 photographs and artifacts that build up an informative picture of the Holocaust and World War II history, pre-war through the post-war Nuremberg Trials. Many of the artifacts have been donated or permanently loaned by local area Holocaust Survivors, Camp Liberators, WWII veterans, and other dedicated people.

The exhibits are truly fascinating, ranging from a driving license complete with photograph and personal details of the owner to a replica of a child’s toy discovered in the concentration camp at Terezin. A crudely carved worker’s wooden clog can be seen along with uniforms and a Nazi medal. Each photograph, document, and personal memorabilia tell the story far more poignantly than any words.

In 2007, The Holocaust Museum & Cohen Educational Center in Naples acquired on loan a restored World War II-era railway boxcar from Jack and F.E. Nortman and The Boxcar Foundation. Built in 1919 and used during World War II, it makes a tangible exhibit for those learning about Holocaust history. This unique traveling boxcar exhibit has been seen by over 90,000 SWFL residents since its introduction in 2008. It has traveled to schools, churches, synagogues, public libraries, and other community locations.

Holocaust Museum World War II era box car Naples, Florida.

Photo courtesy The Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center

Programs And Events

The Museum’s mission is to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to inspire action against bigotry, hatred, and violence. In addition to its permanent displays, The Museum also presents temporary exhibits, films, lectures, and special events throughout the year. A variety of age-appropriate Student Education programs are offered for grades k-12 and college/university, helping teachers fulfill the Florida State Education Department Mandate to teach about the Holocaust. Over 175,000 students in six SWFL counties have participated in Museum programs since its founding in 2001.

The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of SW Florida in Naples provides educational programs, art exhibitions, author talks and special events and activities that are particularly informative for students at all grade levels. 

Photo courtesy Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center

Naples and Marco Island, Florida area visitors and residents will find this thought-provoking museum worthwhile and meaningful.

Daily Docent-led tours are available as part of The Museum admission fee. Visitors can also take a self-guided tour using their smartphones or tablets.

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