Discover a New Way to Appreciate Florida at the Nora Butler Gallery

You don’t have to be an art critic to appreciate Nora Butler’s artworks, but you do need to have an appreciative eye for detail. Her beautiful drawings and paintings always hold more than meets the eye, and her art has been described as “pictures within a picture”.

Take her giclée canvas print of “Mermaid Music”. At first glance it shows a mermaid with a conch shell held to her ear listening to the sea. Look again and you begin to appreciate the detail of this pastel picture. Scallop shells form the mermaid’s top while her tail is a swirl of colorful swimming fish, seaweed, starfish, fish scales, shells, and pearls. And just wait ‘til you see what’s in the pelican’s pouch in “Beachcomber”!

"Mermaid Music" colorful artwork by Nora Butler Designs available at her gallery and gift shop in Crayton Cove Naples, Florida.

Photo courtesy Nora Butler Designs

About Nora Butler

Nora’s studio, gallery, and gift shop is at 800 12th Avenue South in Naples and browsers are always welcome. It is close to where Nora grew up on Sanibel Island, surrounded by the sea, nature and marine life which are clearly the inspiration for her detailed artwork. As a child, Nora loved to color and she naturally focused on the beauty of Sanibel’s fish, shells, sandbars and the unspoiled environment.

Nora Butler Designs art gallery and gift shop, Crayton Cove Naples, Florida shopping. Must Do Visitor Guides,

Photo credit Debi Pittman Wilkey

Nora would accompany her father on expeditions hunting for wild orchids among the mosquito-inhabited forests. Near-sighted, she would closely examine small areas of sand, swamp or dune, admiring grasshoppers, lizards and miniature shells in detail. She learned to appreciate the colors and patterns within nature. Her coloring branched out into doodling and then into fully developed fantasy artwork. Although she now uses many different mediums, you will still find her working with her favorite coloring pencils.

Colorful artwork "Horse Conk" by Nora Butler Designs Crayton Cover art gallery and gift shop Naples, Florida.

Photo courtesy Nora Butler Designs

Nora’s whimsical pictures blend classic recognizable shapes from Florida’s wildlife with tiny details straight from Mother Earth. Fish, tiny bugs, seashells and elements from the subject’s native environment all find their way into the blended finished piece, which can take up to a month to complete.

Nora Butler Gallery in Naples

Nora considers herself self-taught, although she did hone her skills studying art at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She is passionate about sharing her love for the area through her artwork and has now turned her talents into a business through her gallery at Crayton Cove. It is one of six galleries in the Old Cove Building, which has become a haven for talented local artists.

The Nora Butler Gallery is a far cry from the sterile environments of many Naples galleries. Instead, Nora has created a shabby-chic ambiance with an emphasis on informal beach and coastal lifestyles. It’s a place to relax, browse and enjoy.

Nora Butler Designs Gallery and Gift Shop Crayton Cove in Naples, Florida. Photo by Mary Carol Fitzgerald. Must Do Visitor Guides,

Photo credit Mary Carol Fitzgerald

The beauty of Nora Butler’s designs is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to pick up a souvenir of her artworks. They can be bought as original designs or prints to hang on the wall, or can be purchased on fabrics, tableware, puzzles, clothing, notecards and even napkins. The quality of all her branded products is reassuringly high.

It’s a great way to take home a souvenir or gift from your stay in Southwest Florida and will serve as a reminder of the natural beauty that draws visitors in their thousands to Naples, Sanibel Island, and the surrounding area.

Nora Butler Designs working gallery & gift shop in Crayton Cove is closing. EVERYTHING in her shop is 50% off! Her last day for sales will be Friday May 26, 2017. You can purchase Nora Butler’s art work on her website.

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