Blue Mangrove Gallery Marco Island

Those who appreciate local paintings, photographs and handicrafts no longer have to wait for the next Craft Show; Blue Mangrove Gallery in Marco Island has a huge selection of hand crafted items available seven days a week!

Located on Marco Town Center Mall on Marco Island, Florida, Blue Mangrove Gallery prides itself on stocking the very best creations in their hand crafted art gallery. Whether you are looking for a gift, artwork or home accent you are likely to be spoiled for choice.

Entrepreneur Christie Marcoplos opened the gallery in 2006. It quickly became popular as the local showcase for over 150 local artisans to display and sell their work. As you would expect, the gallery has a beautiful selection of paintings by exceptional artists, but it has far more to offer. | Blue Mangrove Gallery pottery Marco Island, Florida

Photo courtesy Blue Mangrove Gallery

There are copper mangrove tables, hand-blown glass, pottery, photography, stained glass, jewelry and a host of unique items that make affordable gifts for all occasions. | Must Do Visitor Guides | Blownglass frame Blue Mangrove Gallery Marco Island, Florida

Photo courtesy Blue Mangrove Gallery

Handcrafted gifts can be as practical as handpainted towels, or as decorative as colorful glass kisses (although they do serve as single ring holders too!) The gallery is the largest dealer of Trollbeads in Southwest Florida. | Must Do Visitor Guides | Dragonfly necklace from Blue Mangrove Gallery Marco Island, Florida

Photo courtesy Blue Mangrove Gallery

Bangles, bracelets, toe rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and more are beautifully displayed. Whatever color you want to wear, there is sure to be something for you. Jewelry items feature natural items such as seaglass and seashells, sterling silver, mother of pearl, abalone or manmade beads, enamel and other elements. | Must Do Visitor Guides | Sterling silver jewelry Blue Mangrove Gallery Marco Island, Florida

Photo courtesy Blue Mangrove Gallery

Marco Island Beads feature manatees, pelicans and dolphins that make beautiful souvenirs for visitors to take home as a memento of their stay on this gorgeous island. Alternatively, how about an affordable sand ornament or manatee shaped spoon rest?

Marco Island Beach Bracelet Blue Mangrove Gallery | | Must Do Visitor Guides top 10 shopping

Photo courtesy Blue Mangrove Gallery

Home accents range from novelty Gecko lamps to fish wall art or accent tables featuring encrusted sea shells. | Must Do Visitor Guides | Colorful Critter Beach Towel Blue Mangrove Gallery Marco Island

Photo courtesy Blue Mangrove Gallery

Even youngsters are not overlooked with clothing, stuffed toys, placemat art and plush books on display. There’s no end to the diversity and creativity of Marco Island artisans!

Blue Mangrove Gallery Artists

Several times a year Blue Mangrove Gallery hosts a “Meet the Artist” reception. The event takes place generally on Mondays between October and May. This is a wonderful opportunity for visitors and Marco Island residents to meet and talk to local artists, ask questions, admire the artworks and get an insight into what inspired the artists to paint their masterpieces.

Tara O'Neill Meet the Artist Blue Mangrove Gallery Marco Island, Florida |

Artist Tara O’Neill photo courtesy Blue Mangrove Gallery

Artists such as Leoma Lovegrove, Natalie Salminen, Linda Roberts and Steve Vaughn all have their artworks on display in the gallery. Lovegrove’s project “Painting Peace” toured galleries along the coast of southwest Florida and as far as Staten Island and Long Island after featuring at the Blue Mangrove Gallery.

Other special events throughout the year may include charity auctions or local artists setting up their easel and painting in public, as renowned Tara O’Neill was happy to do. | Must Do Visitor Guides | ''Half Full'' oil on canvas by Tara O'Neill Blue Mangrove Gallery Marco Island, Florida

”Half Full” oil on canvas by Tara O’Neill ~ Photo courtesy Blue Mangrove Gallery

The beauty of shopping at Blue Mangrove Gallery is that anything you buy is made with handcrafted love, skill, and attention to detail. Each item reflects these priceless qualities to make them particularly special to grace your own home, or give to someone close, making shopping at the gallery a genuine pleasure.

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