Beach Safety Tips

Don’t Swim Against a Rip Current

If a rip current is pulling you out to sea, swimming against it will only make you tired. Instead, swim out of the current parallel to shore. Once out, swim back to shore.

Beach Rip Currents Beach Safety Sign.

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Know The Signs of Drowning

Drowning can be a quiet process. No breathing means no calling for help. Because humans instinctively push their arms into the water, a drowning victim may not be able to wave for help. So, whether someone is flailing frantically for help or quietly bobbing at the surface with their mouth submerged and arms extended horizontally, ask them if they’re alright, if they cannot answer, help them or get help quickly.

Beach waves on the Gulf of Mexico Southwest Florida.

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Never Turn Your Back to the Waves

Don’t let a carefree attitude get you swept up by a sneaky wave. Even on a calm day, always keep an eye on the surf to avoid injuries.

Pool and beach safety tips.

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Protect Your Neck

To avoid serious neck injuries never dive into unknown waters. Remember “first time, feet first”.

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